Life After Bankruptcy

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Now that you have filed bankruptcy what’s next? 

Depending on your situation you may still need to relocate, own a tenant occupied investment property or own vacant property.  In all of these scenarios, you may still have financial exposure even after filing bankruptcy.  

We have helped countless homeowners that filed bankruptcy and thought they were all done only find out years later they owe thousands and thousands of dollars to another entity.

We are comprised of a team of dedicated real estate professionals that can assist you in navigating and simplifying this complicated process of post-bankruptcy and assist homeowners in the following areas:

Getting additional time in your current home

*  Qualifying for a more affordable home

*  Getting cash to relocate

*  Avoiding a foreclosure after bankruptcy

*  Rebuilding and repairing your credit


We are happy to work with your current bankruptcy attorney if you desire, and our consultation is completely confidential and absolutely free.       

All of our services are FREE to qualified households.    

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